Division of Institutional Diversity, Equity & Community Engagement

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions By Institutions

What is the charge for posting a job announcement?

Annual subscription fees differ based on the enrollment of the subscribing institution. Please click here to see the fee structure.

Can we post an open faculty position without a subscription?

No. Subscribing Institutions are given a Username and Password that must be used in order to post open faculty positions and view the candidate database.

Do you accept on-line credit card payments?

Yes. When an institution registers for a new account with The REGISTRY, they are given the option of making a payment using a credit card.

I do not know if my institution is a subscribing member. How can I find out if we are currently participating in the program?

Please click here to view the list of Subscribing Institutions.

My institution appears on the Subscribing Institution list. How do I get our Username and Password?

The Username and Password are given only to the contact person at each institution. Please send an email to theregistry@ttu.edu to request the name of the contact person at your institution.

Questions By Candidates

Is there a charge for uploading my information on this site?

No. Candidates may upload their information to The REGISTRY at no charge.

Is this website limited only to women and minority candidates?

While the purpose of this website is to help subscribing institutions recruit diverse and strategic faculty members, and while the administrators of this website focus their recruitment of candidates on current and prospective faculty members from underrepresented groups, no one is prohibited from posting their employment and educational information on this website. All candidates are asked to provide information on their race/ethnicity, as well as gender, disability; and status as a military veteran.

Can I upload my résumé to this site?

Yes! In addition to uploading requested information, candidates have the option of uploading their résumés for review by subscribing institutions.

Do I have to check this website periodically to see if any new faculty positions have been posted in my field of interest/expertise?

While it is recommended that candidates check the website periodically, candidates have the option of creating a Job Alert to automatically notify them when a Subscribing Institution posts an open faculty position in a field in which the candidate has indicated an interest/expertise.