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For Institutions

Quality Candidates

The REGISTRY is a national database of diverse & strategic candidates seeking ladder-rank employment as faculty members at institutions of higher education. As a subscribing member, you will have the ability to search from among over 1,500 candidates consisting of diverse and strategic faculty and doctoral students seeking jobs in higher education. You will have the capability to filter candidates based on various demographics and gain access to their contact information and CVs in order to find the best fit for your institution. Our database is growing every day. The REGISTRY actively recruits diverse candidates to provide you with exceptional candidates. You can even create "Job Alerts" to automatically notify you when a new candidate that meets your specifications registers with us.

Unlimited Job Postings, Database, and Résumé Access

Extend the reach of your job postings! As a subscribing member, you will have the ability to post open faculty positions that will be available to hundreds of potential applicants. These candidates have the ability to share your job posting with colleagues and also sign up for new "Job Alerts". From experience, we understand that your hiring needs vary and that it often takes time to match the right person with the right position. That is why we offer you the ability to have unlimited job postings with unlimited time-frames. Additionally, subscribing institutions have unlimited access to the candidate database and résumés. To make it easier to contact our candidates, we even offer the option to export your search to an Excel file.

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